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Flavour profile : Our natural clove flavour has a warm, peppery and spicy profile, that can be added to various seasonings to pair with white meat and fish.

Status : Natural clove flavour

Starting from 19.10

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Savory applications

Discover our natural clove flavour



Cloves are the flower buds of the clove tree. Cloves have a very distinctive taste and smell, spicy and bitter at the same time. They are commonly added to cured meats and cloves are also one of the spices used in mulled wine, chai tea and gingerbread.

Clove spice benefits

Cloves have been used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. One of the main benefits associated with cloves consumption is pain relief. Cloves contain eugenol which is often associated with toothache, as it acts as a natural antiseptic. Furthermore, cloves have antibacterial properties, that’s why it can be found in many famous toothpaste formulas.

Cloves also contain a large amount of fibres and can be used to regulate hunger levels between meals. What’s more, cloves provide manganese that can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Considering the numerous benefits of cloves, they are definitely something that you should keep in mind when stocking up your spice rack.

How to use cloves

Cloves have been used for many centuries in different types of cuisine, for example the famous Indian curries.

In the kitchen, cloves have many uses. You can ground them and add them to a pumpkin pie or add a teaspoon to chai lattes. Whole cloves can be combined to other spices to make spicy pickles. You can season mulled wine with heavy sprinkles of cloves or infuse them in hot water to boost immunity.

How to use natural clove flavour

Our natural clove flavour has a warm, peppery and spicy profile, that can be added to various seasonings to pair with white meat and fish.

This natural clove flavour can also be used in bakery, combined with orchard fruits, citrus or other spices such as ginger or cinnamon.

Keep in mind that this natural flavour is oil-soluble, hence it can withstand high temperatures.


Clove flavour pairings :

Chocolate, Apple, Pear, Lemon, Green tea, Fig, Orange, Cinnamon, Ginger…


Specifications*: natural clove flavour; oil-soluble

*For more specific information, please refer to the technical data sheet.

Weight0.5 kg

1kg, 200gr, 5kg


Savory applications

Note aromatique



Oil-soluble savoury flavours

Technical data sheet



Usage warning: Natural flavour intended for use in human food. Please refer to the technical data sheet in order to comply with the different regulations, specifically regarding the presence of limited components. Do not ingest undiluted.

Recommended dosages:

  • Oil: 5 g/kg
  • Béchamel sauce: 1 g/kg

Advices: 1 teaspoon ≃ 1 g

1 tablespoon ≃ 4 g

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